Reader's Spotlight: Gina Willis

GinaGina, Congratulations!  You graduated high school a few days ago and you got your driver's license on the same day. Tell me something and be honest.  Which was the most exciting for you?

Now we're going to be serious for a moment and I want you to tell us about the days leading up to both events, the preparations the worries, just talk to us.

Gina:  OMG, I would have to say that graduating from high school was more exciting…and getting my license was an extra plus. When I was taking my driver’s license test I was thinking…” If I don’t get my license, I’m gonna just drive illegally.” So when she told me she was gonna pass me even though I was driving a little bit too slow…I felt some kinda way about that…I was happy and surprise.


Dyanne:  What are your plans for the future?

Gina: I plan on attending a two year college to raise my GPA back up, and then transfer into a University to study psychology/criminology…or Fashion..IDK I’m stuck between the two.

Dyanne: What do you think of your mother's dreams and of her work?

Gina: I think that it’s pretty cool because she is very passionate about writing and the stories she writes are very realistic. I tell her all the time that she NEEDS to publish them!

Dyanne:  I know that you like the street lit/urban fiction books and I know they're top sellers with teens.  Would you tell my readers why please?

Gina:  Well readers, I think that most teens read “street lit/urban”, because it’s interesting. It's funny hearing girls talk about the dudes in the book like they might just be real.

Dyanne:  Are there any other genre/types of books that you read?

GinaGina:  I really don’t have a specific type of books I read, its really whatever captures my attention.

Dyanne:  Tell me something Gina, do you and your friends do much reading for pleasure or mostly because of school assignments?

Gina: Pleasure

What do you think would get more young people to love reading?

Gina:  I think that if young people can relate to the book easily, they will enjoy reading a lot more.

Dyanne:  I know you're ready to go start your summer so this will be the last question.  What are your summer plans?

Gina:  Can you say HAWIII! And I am currently looking for a J.O.B.

Dyanne:  Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed and again congratulation on your accomplishment.  I wish you much success in whatever future endeavors you undertake.


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