I decided to put Kelly Clarkson's song, A Moment Like This,  at the beginning
of this page.  It seemed appropriate to me. As time goes on I will of course
add more to this page. Awards don't by any means define a person but they
can be a measure of a dream fulfilled.  That for me is what this page is about.
Dreams fulfilled, mine and the dreams of others. Of course you all know that I
spent many years as a nurse, my dreams of being a writer on the back
burner.  I hope if you're reading this and you have a dream that you're afraid
to go after or think it's too late, just know it's never too late. Some people wait
a lifetime For A moment like this. But you don't have to. Live your dreams.
Give yourself permission to do so. It's okay. Good luck.  Don't forget to click
the button on the left and listen to Kelly's song.


I know you all have been
dying to see a picture of
the love of my life, My
hubby, my personal hero,
my soul mate.  Allow me
to introduce you to Bill
Davis.  Bill recently won
an award for the first
show that he produced.  I
am so proud of him.  
Congratulations Bill.
I've decided this page will be awards from
everyone.  I'm so happy to include Kathy
Marsh here as an IPPY Winner.
Congratulations Kathy