Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A:  Sort of. I've wanted to be a writer since my early teens. But I also wanted to be an
actress. Both of those dreams seemed too out there. When I was in High School
Gwendolyn Brooks came to speak to us and made the possibility seem not so weird. Then
I met Bill......And my dreams became a bit more personal and private and....fulfilled.

Q:  How long does it take you to write a book?

A:  If I'm not procrastinating I can finish a first draft in about six weeks?

Q:  Are the things you write about all fiction? Do you ever use your own life or the lives of
others in your books?

A:  There's always a nugget of truth in all of my books but I think it would be hard for
anyone to pick it out. As for using other people lives, I might model a character after
someone I know when I first begin writing the book. But since all characters take on a life
of their own and don't like being copies when I'm done none of my characters resemble
anyone but themselves. I'm glad about that because it keeps people from wanting to sue
me for using their lives. LOL.

When you write, do you lock yourself away in your office?

A:  No I write amidst the distractions of my daily life. I have a guest room that I made into
my office. I haven't used it in years. It was far too quiet and I felt like someone had shut me
away. My computer is in the living room with the television.  My family talks to me while I
write, I stop writing and cook several time s a  day. I stop writing and go out to do the
retired thing with Bill. I stop writing and do whatever with Bill. I stop writing and take time for
friends. That sounds like I do more stopping than anything doesn't it? Well I do have a bit
of discipline. Things that have to be written in absolute quiet are done in the wee hours of
the morning.

Q: Have you ever experienced writer's block?

A:  Thank God, no I never have. I have experienced I don't feel like writing, or why am I
doing this?  But so far I've been blessed that when i sit down and I'm ready, the characters
come out to play. They whisper their story to me so that I can take it down and get the

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers.

A:  I know this might sound old and tired and much like a clique but it's true. Preserver.
You can't give up. Learn the craft, talk to other writers. It would be great if you can find
writers groups to become a part of.  It would be great if you could find a mentor.  You
never know who's willing to help you unless you ask.

But I think the most important thing is to finish the book.  One of my chapter members,
Cathie Linz said in a talk she gave at Windy City my local Romance Writers of  America
(yes, a shameless plug)  If you write you are a writer.  I was unpublished at the time and
hearing those words meant so much to me especially coming from a woman who ht the
time had over forty books in print. She now has over fifty.