Dyanne Davis
Hello everyone,

To all the mothers who may be reading this, I hope you had a terrific Mother's Day. I can imagine the surprise
on your faces that not only am I blogging, but I'm actually participating in a blog hop. LOL.

If you know anything about me at all, you'll know I've had trepidation about this from the moment after I agreed
to do it. There has to be a name for it, you know the I'm going to go…I'm going to do and then the moment arise
and it's why did I agree. J And then of course I  wondered what the heck I was going to talk about. Then of
course I wouldn't be me if I didn't wait until almost the last second to write this. Seriously, don't you think it's a
bit ironic that a writer has such fears about writing just a couple of paragraphs? Okay, that was a blatant lie.
With me, it's never going to be just a couple of paragraph. First off, I ramble on about things, then I get into it
and want to share a bit more with you. So, actually it's not so much the writing as it is the thing in me that
doesn't like to bother people with what will be some kind of pitch.  That's right, you knew it was coming. At
some point in this blog, I'll tell you about my new book, how wonderful it is (it really is)and then I'll shamelessly
tell you where you can buy it and plead with you to do so.  For now you're safe. I have a lot more rambling
before I ever get to that point.

To start thing off the right way I'd like to thank my friend and fellow author Elizabeth Rose for getting me out of
my comfort zone and forcing me to stretch a bit. Elizabeth writes, Paranormal, contemporary and medieval.
Check her out.  http://elizabethrosenovels.com/author/lizrosek

Considering that I prattle and get off topic because, believe it or not, I picture faces as I write, as though I'm
actually talking to you. So it's a good thing that all of the authors participating in the blog tour have to answer the
same four questions.  Mind you, I'll more than likely still stray, but basically the questions will get answered.  
Just so you know what I'm going for, these are the question:

1)     What am I working on?
2)     How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3)     Why do I write what I do?
4)     How does your writing process work?

At the moment I'm working on Frog Prince, a humorous, contemporary, interracial love story.  


More recently, I finally put up the third book in my Undying Love trilogy. Full Circle.

Hopefully, my work differs from other authors writing about the same topic, because it contains some element
of what's important to me. It took a long time for me to accept that my work has an underlying message, some
moral lesson. Once I accepted this I didn't' wonder about it but I didn't think it was noticed by anyone else until I
decided to branch out and write about vampires.  My editor, Sidney Rickman who edited 15 of my books, first
with Genesis Press, then Parker Publishing asked me if I giving up trying to teach tolerance through my
writing.  Considering that I believe she's the most brilliant editor around, I have no idea why I thought she'd not
noticed what I was doing. But the answer to her question was no, wanting to teach tolerance is embedded in
my DNA, even my vampire has a strong moral fiber. It doesn't mean he's a pussycat, he isn't. But he accepts
responsibility (most times) for the things he does.

Hmm so did I actually answer that question? To put it a bit more clearly. God, is mentioned in everything I write.
No, I don't write Christian fiction, but God is still there. That may be the way that my fiction differ from other
writers who write romance, complete with love scenes.   It's not one or the other for me. It's both.

Why do I write what I write? Now that question is a bit more difficult to answer. Generally my stories contain at
least a grain of truth. It can be something I hear on the news, or a conversation with a friend or relative. If there
is something going on that involves an injustice (at least to me) then somehow my muse brings me the story.

I'm going to digress here a bit.  Probably about fifteen years ago my muse brought me a story idea about a
married woman having an affair.  For whatever reason I wrote the story in first person which turned out to be
emotionally draining and sad. If not for one of my critique partners in particular, Wendy Byrne,  www.
wendybyrne.net  I would have scraped the book.  Anyway, because the book was making me cry as I wrote it, I
decided I needed to add a character who would lighten things up for me and the reader. That book became
The Gift and is  about a psychic and a psychic war. The third main character from the first book, The Affair,
needed an ending his story. That's the book that just went on sale little more than a week ago, Full Circle.

I hope you're still with me and that you noticed I said these books were written fifteen years ago. Aren't you
curious as to why it took so long to bring them out? Here's the answer: The Affair is women's fiction and like I
said written in first person, something that agents, mine included were having a hard time selling. Although
later Parker Publishing did buy the book and it was edited By Sidney.(the entire story is too long and best saved
for another time)The Gift is paranormal and Full Circle is a spiritual journey. It's still hard to sell to a traditional
publisher a trilogy where each book is a different genre. That's different, even for me. While waiting for the right
time to bring the books out, my agent sold a dozen books to two publishers. I also began Indie publishing and
put out several novellas and full length novel. Finally the time came where I thought it was time to bring the
books out. They'd waited long enough.

I've never wanted to write the typical story. I want to do the unexpected. As Elizabeth Rose mentioned to me,
probably more than fifteen years ago, I like to push the envelope. Here's the place where I'm going to tell you a
bit more about the first book, titled, The Affair. I didn't want the husband to be a bad guy. He was totally in love
with his wife, and had done nothing wrong that he was aware of.  I just like writing about people who do the
wrong thing for the wrong reason.

I suppose I should tell you that the idea of hero and heroines just plain irk me. I like characters who screw up,
who make mistakes, dumb mistakes. I like them totally flawed, and there is not always a happy ending. I'm
also aware that I'm going against the grain as far as romance writing is considered. There is always a happy
ending in romance, that's the point. And there is a hero and heroine, or at least their actions are as such.
Remember I said I write to impart some moral value, to teach a lesson that's buried deeply within my story.  
Well, I know lots of people who are flawed, myself included, and I write about them. I've had readers become
angry and say at least one of my characters behaved like a "B" when on the first page I had her say she was a
B.(That was in Many Shades of Gray)

Romance readers do not want their heroine to behave like a B.  Most romance writers know this and
acquiesce. I am not most romance writers. There's good and bad in my not following protocol.  Another story
for another day.

Now where was I?
I do believe this is the last question, how my process work. I am what's called a pantser, meaning I write
without an outline. An idea comes to me, and I sit down and begin to write.  I have no idea how the story will
progress or end. By the time I'm done with the first draft I will go, WOW, I didn't know that. Then I put the finished
first draft away and work on something else for about a month or so.   

When I come back to the manuscript I have fresh eyes and can find the holes in my plots. From working on so
many books with Sidney I will admit and will not be afraid to say this: I've become very good at finding and filling
holes. As an editor Sidney has been a great confidence booster for me. She thinks I'm a great storyteller and
she also said I've become a good editor. The latter isn't exactly true because a writer always see the things
she/he put on paper in their mind. Everything is the way it should be. There are no mistakes, no misspelled
words, no misplaces commas. That's because it's done correctly in our minds, and when we read our own
work we see the comma that's not there. So the last stage in my process is to have another author read it for
clarity and mistakes. Lisa G Riley is excellent at being able to do this. She wants answers for everything, and
since the answer should be in the story, but I could have missed it by seeing it with my mind, I'm extremely
grateful that she catches those things.https://www.facebook.com/lisa.g.riley

Okay, it's Monday morning and Bill is waiting for me to make coffee, and I want some myself. So I'm basically
letting you off the hook with the expected sale's pitch.  I am not however letting you off the hook with telling you
to continue following the blog. Next Monday two of my friends and fellow authors will be blogging. Mary Jo
Burke, writes contemporary paranormal. She has a wicked sense of humor and you're going to love reading
her books.  
Sonali Dev will have her first Bollywood romance, titled, A BOLLYWOOOD AFFAIR, coming out in October. I
happen to be a bit psychic, and I can tell you now, this is one author you want to get to know. She's going as
they say in our business, blowup. No doubt.http://
Also, stop by the website of Elysa Hendricks who writes contemporary and has a vivid imagination with her
paranormal/fantasy books as well. Or stop by her facebook page.
Thank once again, to Elizabeth Rose, and do check out her Tarnished Saints Series! – Elizabeth Rose

Alright, alright, it would be really stupid for me to post this and not at least give you my own info. I hope you're
aware that means I have to go to the sites and look up the info and come back here and post it.  LOL. Did I just
go off on a rant? LOL.  I should be doing better, I stopped to make coffee and have a few sips in me. Oh well.
Take care. Oh, and by the way, if you're interested my books are available at all of the on-line bookstores. The
older ones are still available in the brick and mortar bookstores.


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