Reader's Spotlight: Patsy

Seressia GlassHello Patsy,

Thank you for allowing me to interview you. So tell me all about you your family what you do, what you read, what you like what you don’t like.  In other words—Dish.  There are many who put down the romance genre, both writers and readers.  I know that readers come from many diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of interests. So I seriously want you to tell us about you, your life, your likes and your dislikes. And tell us about your babies.

Patsy: I am 49 years old and have been married to own real life hero, Vic for 29 years. We don't have any children but I am the proud mama of three dogs. Sir Charles a Black Lab that thinks he is human and two Miniature Poodles Alexis Carrington aka "the Diva" and Othello. I started reading romance about 7 years ago after I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. My nephew bought me "Rosie's Curl and Weave". Before then I didn't even realize there were Black romances out there. to say the least, I was hooked and now own close to 2000 books and  still buying.

Dyanne:   I hope you had a great Easter.  First tell me what you’re reading right now.  Give us a mini review.

Patsy: Most Recently I have read, Forever Mine a new release by Brenda Jackson. It is an anthology with three different stories all written by Ms.Jackson. One is a reissue of a story previously titled Cupid's Bow. The other two stories are spinoffs from other books. All three stories were very good.  Right now I am reading Drive Me Wild by Gwynne Forster, so far, so good.

Dyanne: Now for your reading pleasure. What types of books do you like to read?  I know you’re in several yahoo groups because I seem to be following you.

Patsy: Yes, I am being stalked by you. ;-) I love to read romance and romantic/suspense.   I need a storyline with punch.  There is just something about R/S that keeps me reading with no desire to stop. I joined several groups at yahoo in order to keep up with the latest releases of authors that I enjoy. 

Dyanne:  Tell me some of your favorite authors and why.  I’m not fishing so you can’t name me

Patsy:  Some of my favorite authors are Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, Francis Ray, Adrianne Byrd, Melanie Schuster, Wayne Jordan, Rochelle Alers, Lori Foster, Maureen Smith,Sandra Brown,  AlTonya Washington, Michelle Monkou,Suzanne Brockmann, Deatri King-Bey, Marliss Melton, Celeste O. Norfleet, A.C. Arthur, Beverly Clark, Rita Herron , Gwynne Forster and of course Dyanne Davis. There are many others that I read but i won't take up anymore space.

Dyanne:  Have you ever written any on line reviews for the book that you love?  How about the books that you hate?  What do you think about the reviews on Amazon?  Do they influence your purchases or just the opposite?
Patsy: As a matter of fact, Dyanne I have written close to 70 reviews on Amazon for books that I have read. I can recall only one review that was bad. But I removed it because I felt bad about what I had written. I had read other books by the author, but that one was so bad I wanted my money back. I have read another book by that author though, and it was good. Usually before I buy a book I check to see what others say about the book and then make my decision. If ten people say this book was terrible and one person says it was great, I don't think I would buy it. Maybe check it out at the library. I think the reviews give you a hint on what to expect if you plan on buying a book.

Dyanne:  Patsy, I’m sorry for throwing so many questions at you but I have a reason.  In recent months several friends have decided to give up writing. They’re all published and all talented but they have gotten tired of the harsh reviews.  Do you have any words of encouragement to give to those writers?

Patsy: Please don't stop writing. I can tell you that reading has saved my sanity. Not everyone is going to like what you write. But there are so many more that will. Everyone looks for something different in a book. If you get just one person to say that they enjoy your stories, you have accomplished something. I know that some reviews can be harsh, but don't give up. Don't quit. Be encouraged because there is someone waiting on that next book by you. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had these wonderful works of art to look forward to.

Dyanne: Patsy, I think this will be a standard question I will ask of readers because it’s important for the writers to know this. I know you already know that not everyone like the same things and what one man finds wonderful the next one finds distasteful.  What things in books really set your teeth on edge?

Patsy: Wow, Dyanne. Let me think. Since I love to read romance, I think what bothers me the most about some of the books I read is a story that drags on and on and on. Unneccessary descriptions and narrations that tends to take away from the story rather than enhancing it. I am always saying I am a visual person, so the first thing that catches my attention while cruising the book aisle is the cover. I hate when the models on the cover don't match the description given in the book.

Dyanne:   What words of advice do you have for writers that are staying in the game?

Patsy:       Mainly I like to say Thank you!  Writing is an art form. It is a God given talent to be able to entertain people with words. It is powerful. Thank you!

Dyanne:   What are your least favorite type of books and why?

Patsy:     I  can't get into erotica. I like my romance deep but not raunchy. I am delving into the   vampire/paranormal  romance genre but, I have to wait and see.   I have read several inspirational romances but found them to be too preachy, so I haven't read anymore of them.  I don't read the new  urban or street lit books. I don't need to read about thugs, drug dealers, prostitute. I can drive through some of the rough neighborhoods in any city and see that. I enjoy books more with a strong male and female lead and reading about strong black men that love their women and respect their women, that's what I like

Dyanne:    If a writer disappoints you in one book will you give that writer another chance?

Patsy:  I have and probably will again. Just like anyone else, the author may have written what they thought would be an entertaining read that turned out to be a waste of good trees. If I have read 5 books by that author and they wrote one that is not up to their standard, I have learned to look at it as the author had a dry spell. I will try them again. But if the next one disappoints I won't buy them again, just go to the library.

Dyanne:   Patsy I have to ask this question.  When you like a writer and they stop writing the kinds of books that you started reading them for are you disappointed or do you understand that the writer is just growing?

Patsy: Oh man, that has happened a lot lately. Recently a few romance writers that I loved to read in the past has changed to a different genre. Mostly Inspirational, Christian and paranormal.
To be honest, yes, I was disappointed. But, I don't know what changes they made in their lives and am happy for them and understand their need to branch out and grow even more. Then I look and see that there are new authors coming out  and know that there will always be something good out there I like to read. Still, you can't help but be disappointed.

Dyanne:   I find that more and more discussion on the internet has to do with the amount of sex in books, and I’m not talking romance or love scenes but sex.  There is a difference. Do you find the amount of graphic sex in books to be offensive?  Do you think writers have crossed the line?  How do you think they can rein it back in while still keeping their audience?  Why do you think women are demanding more and more books with more and more graphic sex?

Patsy: To answer your last question first, Dyanne, maybe they are not getting enough sex at home and need that quick fix authors can give. To me it's all about the fantasy. If I was getting as much sex as I read about in books I wouldn't have time to read those books. :-) I don't find it offensive if it is not too over the top. Writing in a sex scene just to have it  is not good. It is all about the storyline and people involved.  Sometimes I find myself saying out loud, "get to the lovemaking already!" I hate when they drag it out or God forbid, lead you to the bedroom door and close it. The next sentence is the morning after. I hate that!

Dyanne:  Patsy, once again I’ve asked you a bunch of questions in one.  I value your opinion and I want to give you a chance to have your voice heard.   Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you would like to say? 

Patsy: Dyanne, you pretty much covered everything. I would like to thank you for giving your readers a voice and taking the time to listen and respond.

Dyanne:   Thank you, Patsy.  If you have an email address, blog or other form of communication
that you’d like to give please do so.

Patsy: My email address is I don't have a myspace page although I am told by everyone that I need one.

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