Reader's Spotlight: Tracey

Tracey, I'm so excited to interview you for my website.  You've been a member of the YAHOO family for awhile now and it gives me great joy to feature our members.  I want to thank you for agreeing to be a part of what I think is the most important page on my web. Without readers, writers would be alone. The entire writing process as I see it is a marriage between the two. And as such there has to be open communication so that each party knows what to expect, what’s wanted and what they need to do to improve the relationship.

Dyanne: Tracey, would you tell us about yourself please? Share as much as you feel comfortable with.

Tracey: I am an African American female, I am 43yrs old. I work for the State of Ohio. I love reading and writing, I have 4 cats and I love them to death!

Dyanne:  Tracey, what genres do you read and why?

Tracey: I love to read work by black writers, I love romance, and fiction and non fiction. Reading the writing of black authors is nice because you feel a certain connection when they talk of things you can relate to. I like reading true stories because they can really touch you in ways other books can’t.

Dyanne:  Without naming titles, what kinds of stories give you your greatest joy?

Tracey: Stories that are true to life, something that I can turn to for comfort even, if it just for a laugh when I am feeling down.

Dyanne: Again without naming titles, what kind of stories do you have problems with?

Tracey: Stories that put down people on the basis of race or social standing. Stories that leave you hanging at the end with no clear picture of the characters endings.

Dyanne:  Is there something the author could have done to make the story better for you?

Tracey: I don’t like being left to question what happened in a story, that’s why I read stories I like someone else having to come up with all the interesting stuff.

Dyanne: Would you give an author a second try if you were disappointed by the first book?

Tracey: Yes, it may be that the book just did not click with me, I have read books by authors that I did not start out liking

Dyanne: Would you write the author and tell them of your displeasure or would you write an on-line review?

Tracey: Yes, I would try to do it in a non critical way but if given the chance I would tell my thoughts

Dyanne: What do you think of on-line reviews? Do they influence the books you buy?

Tracey: It depends, If a lot of people really disliked a book and there reasons seem valid, I would avoid buying it however, if the review were mixed or if the review was all good I would proably buy it. 

Dyanne: Are most of your books purchased from the internet or from the bricks and mortal bookstores?

Tracey: 95% of the books I purchase are online.

Dyanne:  This brings me to another subject.  If you go to the bookstores to purchase your books are you having a hard time finding AA fiction? 

Tracey:Yes! That is why I purchase online

Dyanne:  A lot of talk about the way AA books are shelved in bookstores takes up a lot of time on many of the loops. Do you prefer bookstores that shelve all African American fiction together in a separate area of the store or would you prefer to find the African American author you’re looking for under the genre they write in and in alphabetical order?

Do you have an opinion on this?

Tracey: I would must rather that AA writers were together its more of a convience thing for me but I am much more likely to buy when I don’t have to go all over the store to find what I want. Plus you have the opportunity to find authors you may no have otherwise heard of.

Dyanne:  What is your opinion of the authors you’ve met in person or via the internet. Do you find them easy to talk to or a bit full of themselves?

Tracey: The great majority are very nice and willing to talk with me.

Dyanne:  What advice would you give to all writers on maintaining a healthy relationship with their partners, THE READERS?

Tracey: Listen, and respond.

Dyanne:  Is there anything that I didn’t ask you that you would like to say?

Tracey: I think you are a good example of a open writer you have always responded to my question and you listen.

Tracey, again thank you so much for coming out of lurk mode to be interviewed.  I think our yahoo family likes finding out about what each member of the family enjoys.

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