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Entry for August 16, 2007 More family

Good morning,

No matter what you do or how you do it you're always going to hurt someone's feeling. And with two nieces, even though one hates to have her picture taken, every single time she come to my home, she ask why her sister's picture is on my computer screen saver. LOL. Now you know she's going to probably read this or her mother is going to tell her right. Well who cares? Neither of them can whip me. Yes, I'm feeling a bit evil.

Anyway I decided to put my one and only nephew up here and then his kids, then I will go to the nieces. Since Tanya's face is plastered everywhere I'll put Peaches up in a few days. anyway this is my nephew, Michael Jackson Jr. Basketball has always been his passion and this is at a recent game of his where he was couching. Bill and I went. He did a good job. His team lost but not by much and he still did a wonderful job.



2007-08-16 09:37:02 GMT
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