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Entry for August 14, 2007 Fatima Gomez
Today I'm introducing you to another important member of my family, Fatima Gomez. We're not family by blood but by love. We have been friends for over 35 years now. We went to nursing school together.

This picture was taken a few years ago at a party at my sister's home. Eventually I will more than likely include pictures of my loved ones who are no longer on this plane. But first I think I will introduce you to the ones that are.

I was trying to find my nephew's picture when the thought struck me that I wanted to bring Fatima in here now.

Tomorrow I will bring you my one and only nephew, Michael Jackson Jr. He probably won't like the picture I'm going to use of him either. My sister called me crazy and said the picture of her made her look fat. Join the club. She's been calling me fat (and I am) for years. She had me wanting to slip some pills into her food to make her gain weight. Yes, I am evil. I know.


2007-08-14 16:13:07 GMT
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