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Entry for August 13, 2007 My sister
Happy Monday,

I would like to introduce you to my one and only sibling,Jackqueline Toreas Jackson. I refer to her as my baby sister when in truth she's my only sister. We're thirteen months and thirteen days apart but I've always felt much older than her.

And that could be the reason that my recently ex'ed brother in law always said that I behaved as though I were her mother. Of course most of those times happened when they were fighting and of course you know my sisters reported said comments to me. I won't go into any more than that because this isn't a tell all and if it should ever become that, I'll just write it all in a book.

Anyway, we're extremely close. I'm very proud of her and she's very proud of me. There is only one thing that I wish she would do not that my writing about it in public is going to change anything but she passes around my books to a dozen or more people. Mind you I give the books to her. I'm glad that she wants to share my work, but can't she tell just one person that they carry my books in all of the major bookstores? I'm gong to tell her that I wrote this and I'm going to give her the link. I'll let you know if she changes with my Oct release, Many Shades of Gray. Maybe I should just make her come out to a signing and buy that copy. What do you all think?

By the way that's Kayla in the background, my great niece and my sister's granddaughter.


2007-08-13 17:01:32 GMT
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