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September 20, 2008
Hey people,

Yes I know it's been a long time but do you have any idea of the number of blogs I should be writing on? And we shouldn't forget that from time to time I do need to write though of late I'm writing on things that I'm not contracted for and letting the things that I have deadlines for fall by the wayside. I must like the adrenaline rush or something.

Bill and I returned home several days ago from a funeral in Ky. Time appears to be passing so quickly as I get older. For some crazy reason we started counting the first cousins and realized there are only nine of us left. My family was never that large to begin with and it's been shrinking. I no longer have the luxury of tossing relatives to the wayside. LOL. I want to keep all of hem close and let then know that I love them.

I have been thinking a lot about my friend Fatima. It's been a year now since she passed and it seems I'm missing her more now than then. I miss calling her, I miss asking her how to make Spanish dishes.

When my mom passed away over 11 years ago that put a freeze around my heart. Since I was a little kid I always knew I'd never be the same if something even something as natural to all of us as death happened to my mom. I was asking my cousin on the ride to Ky if he ever just for a moment forgot that my aunt, his mother was gone and that he wanted to tell her something. He said no, never. I asked my sister about her feelings and she said yes. Maybe it's a male female thing. I haven't gone around the bend it's just that I still miss my mother and the hole is still there.

Lately I've been hearing people tell others that they needed to get over the death of a loved one. How can anyone decide for another when they must stop thinking about, remembering or wishing someone was still here? They can't. Of course I'm not talking about hiding in your bed and pulling the covers over your head but dealing with life and still missing he people who were important.

You do know that I had no intentions of becoming so morbid when I began writing this post...I guess it must be the residual from the funeral.

So kiddies this is my little piece of advice for today. Let the people who are important in your life know that they are while they are still here. All of you who take the time to read this are important to me whether you ever write to me or not. Just remember that. By the way, the picture is of Rochelle Alers


2008-09-20 08:07:35 GMT
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