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August 21, 2008
Just in case you're wondering that Brenda Jackson in the picture with me. I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago and will post the pictures one at a times since that's all you can post. LOL

I'm thinking of taking another day to procrastinate. At least I know the reason why. I think I'm tired of writing so that who ever wants to can then line up to give their opinions. I wish there were a way to prepare aspiring writers for this and to keep them from being hurt by it but how can there be when no writer has yet found it. Besides that it's like stealing someone's joy to tell them about the darker side of their dreams.

I feel like writing this here because I really doubt that anyone reads it, okay maybe one person. Oh I just had a thought. I'll blog on my blogspot I know it's not read.

They say writers write because they have to and I suppose that includes me. I do have contracts to fullfill so I'll have to at least finish the book I'm NOT working on today. I think I need to find a new hobby. HELP!!


2008-08-21 11:02:51 GMT
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