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August 08, 2007 The other man in my life
Good morning,

As promised I am introducing you to my son today. William Davis Jr. How Billy grew up able to be such an independent man is a miracle in itself. Not only did he have an overprotective mother, his father is just as bad, maybe even worse than I am.

Anyway despite the two of us he is a daredevil. Needless to say Bill and I have always been extremely proud of him and as an only child he's handled that well.

I'm putting up a much earlier picture of him skydiving. He's the one on the bottom. this jump is called a tandem. (I think) anyway he'd wanted us to go with him when he went. Was the child crazy? I told him no way could I be there and watch him jump out of a plane. I'm a natural born worrier and i was not about to watch. So we told him to have them video the entire event.

I have to tell you that the videographer did a magnificent job. After watching the tape about twenty times I finally noticed the song that was playing in the background. It was, "You're never going to survive!! Can you believe that they would play a song like that when you're getting ready to jump out of a plane? LOL.

Bill of course wanted to go with him the next time and jump. NO! And every young family or friend wanted Billy to take him.

Bill Jr. also went to race driving school. Bill and I went with him for that and of course we filmed it. That seemed safer to us having him on the ground.

So now you've met the two most important people in my life, Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. Tomorrow I will introduce you to my sister. Have a great day.


2007-08-08 12:23:22 GMT
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