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February 13, 2008
Good morning,

I have to do some shameless bragging and plugging. The Critic will be released in May and it's my first book that was intended to make you laugh. I of course really like it and think it's funny.

Just in case you thought that was the bragging part it wasn't. Brenda Willis has made a trailer to go with the book. It is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. You have to go and take a look at it. Please, please, please. Okay, now that I've begged you. Here is where you go and what you will do when you get there.

www.dyannedavis.com go there click on books. First check out my new added bookcase. Now click on Coming Soon. That's it. Now sit back and watch the trailer and tell me how cute you think it is.

2008-02-13 14:20:07 GMT
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