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January 19, 2008
I have to post today. It is so darn cold that there is not much to do here in IL. I am not going outside until Monday. Listen, when the weather man says to stay inside I don't need to hear it said more than once. I do not, I repeat I do not like cold weather.

But let me tell you a freaky thing that happened. I'm in the middle of doing edits on In Blood we Trust. I've had everything that you can think of to happen every single time I've ever done edits but now, guess what? Microsoft won't work. I can't save, move anything or even click out without Bill's help. So I stopped working on my mss and came on line. And by the way, even though Adam and F. D. Davis think they can do it all without me they still need me for the heaving lifting.

You don't have to understand this. LOL. My entire family thinks I'm nuts now. All the fault of Adam Omega. Vampire.


2008-01-19 19:32:00 GMT
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