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Entry for August 07, 2007

Good morning,

I think I will use this blog to introduce you to people in my life. Brenda has my actual site looking good and I'm not going to mess it up. so this is what I'm going to do. Each day that I blog I will include a picture and tell you something about that person and what they mean to my life.

So first up on the list is my hubby. Bill Davis, the yin to my yang, the love of my life, my soul mate, lover and friend.

The picture that I'm showing is of Bill winning an award for producing his first show for Bolingbrook Community Television. He doesn't want this picture up but so what. When we take another one I will exchange it. Today I'm using this one and he isn't aware of what I'm doing anyway.

Okay, I see a little bit of Adam Omega snuck out there. Bill has been a member of BCT for several years. One year he was filming an author's fest at the Bolingbrook library. All of us talked him into producing a show for us. My plans at the time were not to be on air but to find the guests. I had wanted Nikki Woods, my friend to be the on-air person. She's in the public eye and I thought it would be perfect. Besides, she's young and beautiful and looks good on camera. Bill decided that I needed to be on also just in case something went wrong and Nikki couldn't come.

His idea was a good one because after a few months Nikki began working on her movie project from her book, Easier said than done, and I was alone. I am so darn proud of Nikki and her seat is waiting for her whenever she's done or just wants to pop by for a visit.

Hold up. This was supposed to be about Bill. Sorry. Bill had to learn how to edit his own work in order to produce his show. Must I tell you this man can do everything and I mean everything. When I was pregnant he would talk to our son via my belly and say he was going to do the delivery. I'm sure if I had been crazy enough to have allowed it he would have attempted it. But..Folks, I love the man madly, have been married to him for 37 years, dated him for 3. But I was not about to let that man fool around inside my body. At least not trying to deliver a baby. But I swear he would have tried.

So Bill studied the art of producing and editing, got one of the guys, Gary McConnell to do the first couple of shows and Bill was off and running. And he did a darn good job and the proof is that he won an award. Go baby go.

Bill is truly one of the good guys. He's the nice one in our relationship.

Tomorrow I'll introduce you to our son who will have a fit if he knows I'm putting his business out on the web.

There's that Adam Omega again. Oh Bill came by and saw what I was doing so I was able to find a picture on the computer that is better. But I wanted you to see his award. I'll have to show the award by itself.



2007-08-07 12:24:47 GMT
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