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December 20, 2007
Anyone out there surprised how quickly the year has passed? So many things have happened this year, things that show my body is again and in some respect also my mind. Since there is only one alternative to aging I do of course choose aging. But does it have to be so brutal?

Seriously in biblical times when living for hundreds of years was the norm when did the ravages of time begin to take hold? Haven't you ever wondered that? I mean come on I'm in my 50's. I can't imagine being 200 with the possibility of another couple of hundreds years left.

It also seems I'm racking up a list of loved ones who are no longer here. I can't call them on the phone. I can't share things. I find myself doing a lot of pretending, pretending that I'm not thinking about them, that I don't miss them. That I don't want to talk to them. But I do. So merry Christmas to all my loved ones who are no longer on this earth.

But I don't have any wish to join you anytime soon.



2007-12-20 11:31:47 GMT
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