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Entry for December 06, 2007
Good morning,

I hopped over to Adam Omega's website this morning. It's been a year since he started his diary. Okay, before more people think I'm nuts maybe I did help Adam with his website but it's his. and guess what he gets a lot more hits than I do. This year has been so busy and so strange. It started out with lots of problems and now most of them are about finished. I can't believe it's been over a year that I've had problems with my arm. That's strange for me and something I have to get used to. I'm used to my prayer and believe me I prayed, I'm used to my prayers being answered relatively soon especially for healing.

Of course I know there are many people with a lot more serious issues and I try to be grateful but when you're in pain you can sometimes forget. After all I'm not Adam. I'm human. A new project just moved a step closer. I think it's going to be one of the greatest writing projects I'll ever be involved in. Have a great day everyone.


2007-12-06 11:41:22 GMT
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