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Entry for October 09, 2007
Okay, it's time I posted a picture of my birthday cake. This Sunday is my sister's birthday and she's having a surprise party on one of the boats on Navy Pier (yeah right it's a surprise) Anyway i figured I should at least post my cake before I post her birthday pictures.

Since I last posted I found out that my March 08 book will be released next month. I had wanted to make a book trailer for it and will still do that but I'm still busy with trying to promote Many Shades of Gray.

I will tell you here and now that Another Man's Baby is not a romance. Yes, there is love but it's Eric's story. This is mainstream fiction. Sidney, my editor has told me that of all of my books that one is her favorite. And yes she likes the other ones. LOL. I keep all of her notes to prove it.

But Another Man's Baby is a more serious book. It's about a marine LT. and his feelings about the war and how he deals with the things he had to do and had to order his men to do. It's a story of true faith of believing when you shouldn't when there is no proof.

And isn't that what faith is all about?

2007-10-09 14:59:36 GMT
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