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September 25, 2007
Yes, it's been awhile. I know that.

I do have a picture that I want to share though. This is one of the New York Times bestselling vampire huntress author L. A. Banks. To say I am a huge fan of hers is putting it mildly. She's a great author and a very nice person. Just so you know for the ones of you that don't know, L. A. is in the red.

She was in the Chicago area at the end of July and stopped in Bolingbrook to be a guest on my cable show. This had been arranged for months but I was still a little scared that something would happen and it wouldn't take place. Leslie said, "don't worry when I give my word I keep it See why she's so special to me.

She brought Barbara Keaton with her. Or more accurately Barbara brought them because she knows where we are. Leslie brought to of her street team, Candice and Alicia. And of course the handsome man standing next to me is the award winning producer, my love, my hubby Bill Davis.

2007-09-25 12:07:52 GMT
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