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September 12, 2007

Good morning,

Meet Cassandra Boozer, an intelligent young woman who has been reading my books for a few years now. (That's not why I said she was intelligent) And the child has always given me her honest opinion of my work. She told me that she thought my back blurbs were dull and boring and told me to tell whoever was doing them to do a better job. She didn't think that they did anything to get interest for the book. I told her that I was the one writing the back blurb and she told me that I needed to do a better job then. LOL. See what I mean? Honest to a fault.

Cassandra did bring home to me the reason why the blurbs weren't written with excitement. The very first book I didn't know that what I wrote was going to be used for the blurb. Then it somehow later seemed that you were bragging if you wrote a fantastic blurb. Yeah I know crazy.

Okay back to Cassandra. She's in her third year of college and plans to be a sports medicine doctor. There's a fancy name for it but why go through all of that when I just want you to know what she's going to be doing later in life. By the way Cassandra is also a very good writer but with all of her classes her writing has been put on hold. She's a great kid. Excuse me. She's a great young woman who will turn 22 on the 15th of Oct. Way to go Cassandra.

Have a great day everyone.



2007-09-12 12:02:25 GMT
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