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September 03, 2007
Good morning all,

I'd like for you to meet my 1st cousin James Albert Boozer. We actually live in the same town. He recently retired and is now living a life of leisure. He's also doing that retired thing that Bill and I have been doing for the last past five years since Bill retired and that's going to the stores everyday. We're in the stores so much the people know our names or at least our faces and question us when it's been a few days since they've seen it. We're in Wal-Mart enough that we send cards to the employees who're sick and off for an extended period of time. I'm not kidding. I don't think James is like that because he hasn't been retired long enough.

I was supposed to report to you on my birthday party. Toreas did a beautiful job, balloons a beautiful cake that included a bat for Adam. LOL. That was so cool. I was told the cake was delicious. She traveled a long way to this particular bakery to get the cake. Many at the party knew of this bakery and were very impressed. Bill and Billy also loved the cake.

Now why don't I know how this cake tasted myself? Because I don't eat bakery cake!!! Did I get my hostess cupcake? NOOOOOOOOO!! The child tried to tell me she couldn't find a hostess cupcake. Now we all know that's a lie. So she said that I told her I didn't want the ones with the icing. I said and I quote and it's even in an earlier blog, that I preferred the ones without the icing but I didn't think they made them anymore. I was more than willing to dig the cream from the middle of the cupcake.

Okay now that I've gotten over my cupcake rant Toreas bought me some beautiful amber.

Bae, that really was a very nice party. Thank you very much.


2007-09-03 09:41:32 GMT
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