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August 30, 2007
Good morning , two more days before my birthday. Yeah!! I'm going to be.....I haven't decided maybe 39 who knows I have two more days to decide.

Okay, I'm going to introduce you to Kayla. This is the last of Peaches kids and her only daughter. Check out Tanya's picture and tell me she doesn't look her her. I wish they had made digital pictures back when Tanya was small then I could post an older picture but you should still be able to see it. Everyone sees it except Peaches.

Did I tell you that Toreas is giving me a birthday party on Sat. my actual birthday? She asked me what kind of cake I would like. I told her no cake but I would like a hostess cupcake. I prefer the ones that don't have the icing in the middle but I haven't seen that in year. Now what do you bet Ms. Toreas is going to have a big beautiful cake because that's how she rolls instead of the hostess cupcake that I said I wanted because that's how I roll.

By the way she's getting tried of me talking about her in public. But did I say she's much smaller than I am? Did I say I'm the big sister? Did I say she can't whoop (not whip) me? Well she can't.

I've already let her off the hook once. She asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her some healing stones, even told her where to go get them. Do you think she's going to go there? She probably thinks I should have my hair done (and she'd be right) or buy something pretty. (naw not me) I'm strange and to tell the truth I enjoy being strange. She knows that.

Wasn't this supposed to be about Kayla? Well since I have no intentions of putting Kayla's business in the street I have to talk about my sister instead. There are far too many perverts for me to say anything much about Kayla. I almost didn't put her pictures up.

i will tell one really cute and safe story about her. Last year at her graduation Bill and I went and she put her hand through our arms to take us to the auditorium. It was sooooo sweet even if we laughed later that she was helping the senior citizens. that was special an she looked so beautiful that day. She is anyway but that day she had a special glow. I'm so glad that we went.
2007-08-30 10:25:07 GMT
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