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August 29, 2007 ---More family pictures

Ladies and gentlemen this is Andrew, Peaches middle child. this kid is a girl magnet. He is always surrounded by several girls. Peaches complain because there's always four or more girls at her home. I say if he's home and with four girls he more than likely won't be getting into any trouble.

Of course I'm talking about how I think things should be going on my own experiences. I don't think kids would do anything in front of others if they would I don't want to know about it.

Andrew is a self confident kid who smiles and laugh a lot and that draws people to him. He must really make the girls laugh because he's also cheap. Even if he's given money to buy pizza for the girls he keeps the money and gives them water. LOL. But for real that's a true story. Now I have to tell you if Andrew would laugh if he knew I was putting his business in the street. Peaches would be going, "Auntie, I don't believe you did that. But then again she's not reading this. There are only two family member who's reading it and if they become a tattle-tale they should remember that I still need more material for my blog and they're fair game. Have a great day everyone.



2007-08-29 09:59:27 GMT
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