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August 06, 2007--So this is how it works!!

Hmm, I was wondering how to get over to my new blog that Brenda Willis set up for me and I was trying to figure out how to post. All of this stuff is found out accidentally by me. Of course I should be doing edits and I am but I still thought since I'm hear I might as well take a moment and say hello.

Listen, since I have no way of knowing that anyone ever reads these blogs of not do me a favor and leave a comment. If I don't get any comments then I will leave all kinds of personal stuff. Psyche! Oh and about the picture I have up here. Of course it's old but that's how old I feel. LOL. Okay, so yahoo doesn't like my younger image. Snap. Okay here's another one I like of me with my niece LaTanya. This one was taken three years ago and is unretouched. Really



2007-08-06 15:13:57 GMT
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