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August 28, 2007 There is a bit of confusion going on.

Why is Adam Omega posting on my site? Who the heck does he think he is? Okay we all know the answer to that. He's Adam. Well this is not his site and he needs to learn that. He has his diary and I have mine. The vampire has picked on the worng person. I am not the one.

Okay excuse me. I had to go off on that darn arrogrant vampire for a moment. Back to the business at hand. I'm still introducing family to you and yes to the family member that asked, all will be included. I said FAMILY. YOU are family!!

Now I'm not going to tell which family member aksed me this but....if someone should go to my guestbook and stroll through you might just figure it out.

I am eveil aren't I? Maybe that's why Adam showed up here. He became confused as to which of us are evil.

Bad Dyanne, bad Dyanne. All right, this is a picture of Marcus, Peaches's oldest. He's 19 and in college, extremelly polite to adults, gives his mother the flux like all 19 year olds. What more can I say? My mother would probably say he's smelling himself. Well I have an answer for that give him a bar of soap and tell him to knock it off. Sorry Marcus I had to say that. LOL



2007-08-28 10:59:03 GMT
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