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Entry for August 22, 2007 --My nephew's family
Good morning,

Yeah, I know it's been days since I said I was going to post my nephew's family. But...I've actually been busy working. Yes, that's right I have been doing what I should, editing. But the book I'm editing, The Critic is coming out next year. It is really funny and I really really really like the book. Now of course I know that I've just issued a public invitation to those that want to trash me to wait for the book so they can trash it. Hey, it doesn't matter. I still love the book.

Okay, you all keep getting me off track. The young woman in the picture is Michael's girlfriend, Patrice, the little girl next to her on the left is Mykala, his daughter and the little boy in the red is his son, Michael Jackson the third. They call him Tra. I just got it what the Tra is for. Spanish for uno, dos Tras. If I'm wrong someone can correct me. The baby you all should know by now. He's Jo Jo. Alright his real name is Jermaine Jr. We started calling him Jo Jo in the womb. Now you've met my nephew's family and I must return to my edits. Peace out.


2007-08-22 12:50:52 GMT
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