Dyanne Davis
Friend or Foe, April 9, 2005
Reviewer: _The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers_

NOTHING LIKE FRIENDS tells the story of four friends who struggle with life and love. Alexis,
Simone, Sidney and Tracey have been friends for over thirty years. They are a second
generation of friendship born out of the bond their mothers have shared over the years. Each
one finds herself in a crisis of her own making and at the hands of each other.

Alexis is humiliated at the altar when her fiance confesses that he has a child on the way.
Simone, who has never had a man who was unattached, is pregnant. Can you guess who the
baby's daddy is? Sidney, Simone's twin sister is ready to throw her marriage and husband to
the wind when her husband's past indiscretion comes back to haunt them. Tracey can't seem
to let go of her marriage which ended with the death of her husband ten years ago. The
women fall apart, tell each other off, and they even have a fist fight, but will they pull
together and make it through?

Shannon N. Davis is new to writing, but writes like she has done this a few times. She writes
about the bonds of friendships, not only of women but as men as well. Capturing the
complexities of relationships through her characters. The storyline flows well and the dialog is
frank and honest, like only a girlfriend can give. With the supporting male characters, Davis is
able to give a different views on male/female relationships. I liked the reality she created the
characters in, for every action they made there was reaction or a consequence they had to
deal with.

Reviewed by Aiesha Flowers
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Vows, September 5, 2006
Reviewer: _Ms Toni "Avid Reader"_
MostRecentReview) I, Sedonia, take
you Jarvis, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for
worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day
forward until death do us part.

Sedonia pledged her life before God to Jarvis Lacey, never suspecting that one day her
commitment would come into question. Then in walks Donnell Glenn into her life and Sedonia
finds herself doing something she never imagined -cheating on her husband. Sedonia's
infidelity comes to light, but with counseling and love, all is forgiven. The Laceys are back on
track until...what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Jarvis has an indiscretion of his
own. Do two wrongs make a right? Is the Lacey's relationship strong enough to weather the

Shannon Davis chronicles the highs and lows of Sedonia Lacey in her sophomore novel
Monogamous Intentions. Shannon has proved that she is no one hit wonder with this drama
filled tale, rich in emotion and conflict. Despite some serious quirks in editing, Monogamous
Intentions makes for an impressive read.

Hollywood After Dark: Tasting Nightwalker Wine by Janet Miller

Five angels

Stella Robertson is an award-winning author whose historical novels touched with the
paranormal have put her on the bestseller list and made her a very popular author. Taking
her publicist’s advice and extending her book signing tour one more day, she meets an
amazingly gorgeous man who disturbs her in more ways than one. Not only is he gorgeous
and happens to make her body react, but he also thinks he can ‘help’ her write her books
better. The gall of some men! When strange things happen, Stella wonders if maybe she
dismissed him a bit too hastily.

Sebastian is the prince of the nightwalkers and has found himself to be enthralled with an
author, an author of paranormal romance novels of all things. When he is finally able to
meet her he realizes that keeping his hands, and his fangs, off of her may be harder than
anything he has ever done. A taunting offer throws these two together and the world of the
parafolk is suddenly thrown wide to Stella’s delight and Sebastian’s dismay. Can these two
find a balance that will please them both?

Having waited entirely too long for this book (wink, wink) I was not disappointed. Janet Miller
brought us back to Hollywood After Dark and what a return it was. Sebastian is the perfect
blend. A brooding alpha male who searches out an intriguing author who becomes more
than he ever imagined possible. Stella, oh wow, I loved her. She was courageous, even
when an amazing world is exposed to her and her life view is turned upside-down. With a
traitor after Sebastian they are forced to run and the twists and turns that the plot took were
suspenseful and well written. The way that Ms. Miller explains Stella’s knowledge of various
things is ingenious and I found it hilarious. Not only were the primary characters wonderful,
but the supporting cast was intriguing as well. I can only hope that this will continue to be a
rich and plentiful series.

Reviewed by: Serena=

Claudia Brown-Mosley  
Author/Publisher of BTP, www.claudiabrownmosley.com

The Other Man by Marlon LaSean Sanders (Book Review)
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Category: Writing and Poetry

4 stars

Newlywed Vance and Freedom Dandridge appear to have it all - good jobs, Vance's family,
and each other. On their honeymoon, Vance is in pure bliss, yet at the same time all
Freedom can think of is how to get out of the rebound relationship that somehow evolved
into marriage. As time goes on, Freedom accepts her role as Vance's wife and even begins
to enjoy it. Until she finds evidence that he is cheating on her. Seeking revenge, she
engages in a series of sexscapades with Boney, her ex boyfriend. When the old flames
spark with Boney, Freedom is torn between her bad girl past and her stable lifestyle with
Vance. As an added element, Freedom struggles with demons from her childhood, including
her mother and stepfather.

Will Boney's old ways remind her why she left him and make her realize how much she has
at home? Or will Vance's affair be more than Freedom can handle?

Marlon LaSean Sanders' debut thriller, The Other Man, is a must read. Marlon's unique
writing style took me several chapters to get used to, but once I got used to his style I was
hooked. There are several twists in this thriller that will leave you shocked and satisfied.

Reviewed by Shani Greene-Dowdell
Reviewer for Big Time Publishing Magazine
Author of Keepin' It Tight, May 20, 2007

Date Reviewed: February 15, 2007

Minnie E. Miller, November 2006
204 Pages, Paperback, $12.95
ISBN: 0972201327
Genre: Fiction

RAW Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Things aren’t always what they seem

Jina Cook is a novelist who needs a public relations representative and she finds him in Bill
Bradley who is handsome, well spoken and smart. The two feel an instant attraction towards
each other but both try to pretend it is not happening. Finally, Jina makes the first move and
Bill knows he can’t live without this woman. Unfortunately, Bill has a big secret; he is bisexual
and finds himself torn between Jina and Ted, his male lover. Ted is not only his lover but his
father figure and the man who rescued Bill when he felt the desperate need for love. He was
there for him when he graduated from college, too, to mentor him. Bill’s father disappeared
when he was quite young and he has always longed for a father and Ted fills that position.
Ted also backs his budding PR business and helps him with the business. Bill’s decision is
tough. Will he drop Ted, despite all the guilt he feels at doing so? Or will he drop Jina? Deep
inside he knows he wants a regular life with a wife and children but guilt makes him think

THE SEDUCTION OF MR. BRADLEY is an inside look at what a bisexual male can go
through as he searches for what’s missing in his life. Minnie E. Miller has done a superb job
of describing the pain both Bill and Jina feel about Bill’s alternative lifestyle. She describes
Bill’s life of want and need as a young man very thoroughly and shows Jina has some of the
same issues. You find yourself pulling for Bill to just let Ted go but at the same time, you can
understand the guilt and pain he must be experiencing at the thought of letting go of the
only love he’s ever known. Ted is an equally well developed character who exhibits
gargantuan selfishness. The ending cries out for a sequel. I feel a desperate need to find
out what happens next in these characters lives.

Reviewed by Alice Holman
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

A Very Complicated Love Story

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley

by Minnie E Miller

ISBN: 0972201327
Pub. Date: November 2006
Format: Paperback, 204pp
Publisher: Minnie E Miller

Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley by Chicago author Minnie E. Miller tells a very different kind of
love story, a love story complicated by preferences.  These particular preferences are not
always understood or accepted by society and that is where it gets complicated.

Bill Bradley a bisexual man falls in love with Jina Cook, a straight woman.  Mr. Bradley had
no intention of falling for Jina, but he was seduced by her good looks, her sensuality and her
honesty and innocence.  He was also drawn in by the simplicity of her love.  Jina had no idea
that Bill was bisexual.  He knew that once she found out, that he could lose her forever.  
Would Jina trust his love enough to believe that he could change?  Bill was not so sure.

The Seduction of Mr. Bradley is a relationship novel.  The twist is that this work of fiction  
explores the complexity of bisexuality from a man’s point of view without pages and pages of
illicit sex and lust.  The sex scenes in this novel are done tastefully.  Miller was more
interested in putting a human face on men who are attracted to both women and other
men,.  The author did not sensationalize the subject; but sought, it seemed, to explain who
these men are.  These men have been hated, despised and misunderstood while so many
men who have been discovered on the “down low” have come out of the closet.  Bill Bradley’
s story is being played out all over this country, in more instances than we know or imagine.  
Finally someone tells the story in a way that brings truth and reality to the forefront. It’s a
story told with compassion.

I found that I could not dislike Mr. Bradley; although I truly disliked his lifestyle.  His character
was just like any other African American male who worked hard at getting to the top of his
game as a public relations professional. He was kind, gentle and caring.  Bill was good
people.  He opened his own PR firm with the help of his older lover and mentor, Ted
Grassley whom he was linked with until he met and fell in love with Jina Cook, a client who
hired him to promote her book.  Bill’s struggle to find the true desires of his heart is explored
in this novel.  It is a story that makes you re-think your opinions on alternative lifestyles.

Set in Chicago, the author took great care to detail the setting well.  You could just picture
the places that the characters visited, the structure of the buildings, the surroundings in
their living spaces and landmark spots in the Windy City.  Miller also gave you secondary
characters that you came to like and care about.  Bill’s best friend and confidante, Samara
and her Aunt Mamie, another one of Bill clients, were well developed characters who added
to the storyline.   

How Bill and Jina dealt with his differences and how a family secret from her past contributed
to Jina’s reaction to Bill’s sexuality brings the book to an unexpected ending.  I really liked
The Seduction of Mr. Bradley and I would recommend this book to those who would enjoy a
love story, a love story this is full of  humanity and truth.

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Some great reviews for, Heal my Hurting Heart
By Allison Knight

Martha (aka Allison Knight)
"Heal My Hurting Heart" from Champagne Books

Heal My Hurting Heart

Gina Walker is running from her nasty stepfather. He wants her hand in marriage
and won’t take no for answer. She certain he caused her mother’s death and she
doesn’t want to be next. She grabbed what she could and fled, only to be hurt in
an accident. When she awakens, she has no idea where she is or who the handsome
cowboy standing over her is.

Luke Adams is staying away from women. He’s been through enough;, they confuse
the hell out of him; and they tend to lie. He’s happy running his ranch and
living his life, but it’s soon to be shaken up. He finds Gina unconscious and
bleeding on his property. She had an accident and now she needs medical
attention. To make matters worse, she can’t remember who she is or where she
came from. Luke lets her stay at his ranch until she feels better, but it’s slow
going. He’s very attracted to her and he’s not happy about it. Slowly they start
to come to terms with each other and Luke offers to keep her safe by marriage.
Can Luke keep Gina safe from her stepfather or will she end up dead?

Heal My Hurting Heart by Allison Knight is a romantic suspense novel that will
hold onto you until the very end. The twists of danger and the romance make this
story unforgettable. Gina Walker is running away to be safe, but she didn’t
count on meeting the sexy cowboy, Luke. He makes her feel different and love
blossoms in her heart for him, but she is afraid to stay, or tell him her
secrets. Luke has a few of his own and doesn’t trust any woman. I enjoyed
watching these two circle around one another deciding what to do about with each
other. I was excited when they finally gave up and started trusting one another.
Four angels to Ms. Knight for this romantic and suspenseful book. The ending was
a big surprise, and one I think any reader will enjoy. Thank you for this great
story and I hope to see more in the future.

Reviewed by: Becky

Heal My Hurting Heart
Allison Knight
Historical romance
Available from Champagne Books
ISBN: 1897261128
February 2007

Luke Adams is a Colorado rancher. While he is out looking for strays he comes
across an over turned wagon. He looks around and finds a badly injured woman.
His only clue to her identity is an engraved necklace with the name Gina. It is
obvious from her injuries that she had been beaten but Gina says she has no
memories of her life. Gina suffers from terrible nightmares and her fear
continues to grow until finally she remembers where the danger lies.
She fears that if she tells Luke she has her memory back he will return her to
her vicious stepfather, the man that killed her mother in order to be able to
marry her. She hopes to be able to earn enough money to make it to safety.

When Luke compromises Gina he knows it his duty to marry her. Still Gina does
not confess that her memory has returned. When her stepfather catches up with
her she tries to tell Luke the truth but he only hears that she lied to him
about her memory. Having been hurt by females before he does not believe the
danger she says they are both in until it is almost too late.

Heal My Hurting Heart is an emotionally stirring romance that is based around
the concept of trust. Passionate and exciting this fast paced historical will
have readers anxiously waiting the time when all truths are revealed.
Emotionally stirring this story tells of two compelling characters that have
been hurt in their past coming together to find love.

Luke is a hard working handsome rancher. He does not trust women and does not
want one in his life. But he cannot deny the attraction he feels for Gina. He
struggles with his lack of trust making mistakes and hurting those around him.
He will have to grow and learn that all women are not like the ones that have
hurt him. He angers the readers and has them feeling sorry for him at the same
time. It is easy to see why he feels the way he does but it does not make it
right how he treats Gina.

Gina is a young woman that is scared for her life. She is a character everyone
wants to protect. In a time when men control everything and women have little
rights it is hard to trust those around her. She fears that they will believe
that she belongs with the stepfather. She is only happy when she is in Luke’s
arms. Readers will attach themselves to this character and hope for the best but
know things will be bad before the story is through.

Few surprises are in store for the reader in this romance. It is a familiar tale
but with a few new twists. The readers will be intrigued with why the stepfather
is so determined to get a hold of Gina. Readers are encouraged to check out Heal
My Hurting Heart by Allison Knight.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Anita
March 22, 2007



Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gina is lucky to be alive, thanks to her rescuer. Being found on a mountainside
near death, she is grateful for the man who helped her, but she cannot even tell
him her name. He has to tell her she must be Gina; it is on a locket she has
with her.

Luke Adams is the one who found Gina that day and brought her to his home. The
doctor said not to move her and so she stays, whether he likes it or not. He has
a ranch to run and cannot be taking care of an amnesiac woman no matter how
pretty she is.

Gina and Luke have a rocky start because she is running from something and
cannot remember everything yet. Luke, in the meantime, does not need another
woman in his life, especially one forced on him. Gina has nightmares and starts
to remember but dares not tell Luke for fear he will send her back to the man
that tried to kill her; her stepfather. He says he will protect her; in fact, he
marries her to do just that.

This is not your usual western, which is why I liked it. A runaway woman fleeing
for her life sounds familiar. In this case it is from a stepfather who has
murdered her mother. Today we realize abuse for what it truly is; violent,
abusive males who attack those weaker than they are. Gina has Luke, but with his
trust issues I can see where he is coming from, although I wanted to slap him
upside the head and make him listen. She needs to tell him the truth about her
past, but can never find the right time it seems, until it is almost too late to
save both herself and him.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance