Dyanne Davis
Pat Simmons Interview
I hope you enjoy my interview with Pat
Simmons and I hope also that you give
her new book a try. I talked with her and
she said that it's Christian Fiction,
keeping it real.  I know I plan to read it.

Q:  Pat, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.  It was really nice seeing you in Houston at
The Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention.  Can you tell us a little bit about RT and the
aim of the convention?

A: I believe the magazine has sponsored the Romantic Times BookLOVERS Convention for 24
years. My first experience was when the publisher, Carol Stacy, brought me on board three
years ago to handle publicity for the authors and the convention.
The convention is aimed at booksellers, authors, and readers. I mean, just think 300 authors
from all genres under one roof. That’s enough to attract 1000 readers from across the world
(Australia, London, Sweden, South Africa, etc.), and they do come. Booksellers are honored
for helping to advance the careers of many authors. Plus, workshops are held to update
booksellers on new strategies to bring authors to their stores for a successful book signing.

Q:  I wanted to congratulate you, Tarsha Burton and Lisa G. Riley on bringing more diversity
to the convention. I’ve been to RT before and I definitely noticed the difference.  Can you tell
us why the push for African American Readers and writers was made?

A: After my first convention, Carol Stacy, Lisa Watson (my publicity partner), and I sat down to
discuss the convention’s success, and how we can make it better the following year. One
suggestion I made was the need for diversity. It’s not to say no other black authors were
present, but Kayla Perrin was the only visible one. Carol agreed and put 100 % into attracting
African-American authors. This was the second year of the program. I believe the program will
look different for Pittsburgh 2008. Visit www.romantictimes.com.

Q: Pat, thank you for telling us about Romantic Times Magazine and the convention and your
role in it. Now how about telling us a little more about you, your dreams, your career goals,
your new challenges.

A:About me? Well, I really don’t like to talk about myself. I rather sing the praises of others. I’m
an avid sewer, diehard Geiger commercials fan (they are unique and funny), and most
important, I love Jesus. My dream is to touch and encourage readers with my stories. Right
now, I work part time as a news writer and assignment editor for a television station. If I were to
switch careers, I would become a tour guide and a certified genealogist. I’m sure some are
saying, huh?
I love uncovering history.

Q:  Your book sound exciting. There is a definite market for inspirational fiction.  Tell us about
your story.

A:Guilty of Love was inspired—no—let me change that. God instructed me to write the story. I
really didn’t want to deal with the subject of pregnancy. But then I realized that Guilty of Love
was bigger than me. It could be ANYTHING we allow to haunt us throughout our life. Satan
does a good job of laying on the guilt trip. For example, someone killed their brother. It was an
accident, but that person may never forgive themselves. A mother is injured in a car accident
that kills her child. She can’t let go of the guilt, on and on. Some things we hold on to, not
believing that it is sooooooo simple for God to say, “You’re forgiven.” My character, Cheney
Reynolds, learns there is nothing she can do physically to end her personal torment until she
turns her mistakes over to God. The hero, Parke Jamieson VI, is a man with a history—a
traceable lineage back to Africa. He values life, but judges Cheney before he realizes his sin
record isn’t squeaky clean either. Grandma BB is a childless widow who runs the
neighborhood from her front window. She has a loaded shotgun ready to use at any time. Her
reputation is legendary. Paula Silas and Annette Barber are on a mission from God to bring
lost souls to Christ. Malcolm, Parke’s brother, was okay with God until Malcolm went to church
and accuses God of stealing his woman. Guilty of Love is about deliverance, forgiveness,
genealogy, and miracles. Take your pick, but get ready to laugh, Cheney and her sidekicks
aren’t going down without a spiritual fight.

Q:  Pat, why did you choose this genre to tackle?

A: Dyanne, I’m an avid reader. I love romance, but I’m not comfortable filling my mind with sex
scenes that are sanctioned by God behind closed doors only. I don’t mind feeling the sexual
tension when I read, and I intertwined it in Guilty of Love, but I don’t think the story needs to
cross the line to make it a romance novel. Also, if a person feels the Bible is intimidating, I
hope I can open some doors in my storyline. I hope.  

Q:  Can you tell us what you believe set your book apart from all of the other Inspirational/
Christian fiction that’s out there?

A: I don’t classify myself as an inspirational author/writer. Criminals can be inspired by other
criminals just like unsaved and saved persons can be inspired. In a nutshell, people can be
inspired by bad examples. I  like to call myself a Christian author because that’s where the true
inspiration is for Christians. What sets my book apart perhaps from some not all, and I haven’t
read every Christian book, is it’s from my personal relationship with God as an Apostolic
Pentecostal. Why is it important for my characters to be redeemed with the water baptismal in
Jesus name, what is the mystery behind speaking in unknown tongues, etc. To keep my
stories from being one-sided, judgmental, or preachy, I have characters that play the devil’s

Q: Pat is there any question that I haven’t asked that you would like to answer. In other words
is there anything more you wish to share with us?

A: Yes, I’m an amateur genealogist. I never stop searching for my roots. That’s why in every
novel, at least one of my fictional characters are named after one of my ancestors. Not only
am I trying to reach readers, but some missing family members as well. It’s like killing two birds
with one stone.

Q:  I’ve really enjoyed interviewing you Pat, do you have a website where readers can reach
you?  Is your book available for purchase on Amazon?  Will you be doing book signings—if so

A: Dyanne, I appreciate the invitation, and I enjoyed your last book, Let’s Get it On. I can see
why it was one of your favorites, and sweetly written for us Christians to read.
My website is www.patsimmons.net, blog.patsimmons.net, or pat@patsimmons.net.
Guilty of Love will be available mid-August 2007, where books are sold online and in stores.
I would love to do book signings in every state, but expense is always a factor. I’m hoping that I
can sign not only at bookstores, but at churches and book club meetings.

Pat, I wish you the best in your writing career.  When you start getting reviews send me a copy
of your best review and I’ll post it on my Good Reviews only page.  Thanks again for allowing
me to interview you. I can already feel that your book is going to be a huge success. THANK