Dyanne Davis
Interview with Karen
The Reader or Writer In Me (Depends on who wants to know)

Karen Dakuginow We'll start with questions regarding you as a reader:

Dyanne: First tell me briefly a little aobut you, age, maritial status if you want. Job. where you live.  Don't make it too long because if you do I'm going to have to trim it down.

Karen: My name is Karen L. Dakuginow  The L is for Leslie.  I just turned 60 Jan 1. Marital status: pending.  Job: I work with children mostly k-5 although I have worked with older students including college age.  I live in Henderson Nevada, which is about fifteen minutes away from Las Vegas.  Howerver the two cities are like night and day.

Dyanne: What kind of romance stories are you most interested in?

Karen: I'm discovering a lot of interest in love stories in general, which don't necessary have the st raight up romance theme of, and they lived happily ever after.  Although I guess at some point in the scheme of things, and they lived happily ever after is in there someplace, otherwise the attraction between two people would get lost in the mix.  My favorite kind is interracial, although when it's between people of the same nationality, if it's written beleiveably enough, I'll read that as well. 

Dyanne: Why are you  a romance reader?

Karen: (Eyes blinking adorably)  Because I'm a romantic at heart.  I love reading about  love.  Love.  The mythical happiness of two people, allowing the words to flow freely through a talented author's fingers.  That caress each page.  That can cast all the wonderful images I've yet to see in real life, made believeable for a little while on magical pages of happiness.  And they lived happily ever after.

Dyanne: Have you ever heard of RSJ, been to one or ever plan to go?

Karen: I attended my first RSJ, this past Spring in Chicago and had an ever loving blast.  I never imagined that much fun was possible.  Everyone obviously came looking for a good old fashioned shing ding and found it, plus some more besides.  There were no Divas in the house the whole time we were there.  Only down to earth folks who smiled, talked, shared a space at mealtime, danced and c ut up to the funniest kareoke; you had to be there to see it.  What a memory to keep close to my heart and will definetly be a part of my memoirs. 

Dyanne: If you could go to an event that featured dozens of your favorite romance authors at an affordable price even if you can't go soon would you like to?

Karen: Most definetly.

Dyanne: Are you a reader of only paper books or do you read ebooks as well

Karen: So far, only paper back and hard cover.  However I've heard about ebooks and plan on trying them in the future.

Now some questions for the aspiring writer:

Dyanne: Same thing briefly tell me about yourself
Karen: As an aspiring writer, I see myself as more than just Karen.  I see myself as the psuedomyn I chose to write under.  I took my brother in law's first name Naran, with his permission.  The last name I've changed a few times and am still looking for just the right fit.  So as Naran, I take on a cynical, sometimes out right brutal, angry, unforgiving persoanlity;  Yet on the upside an extrodinarily vulnerable side comes into play as the equalizing stabilizer aspect.  That may appear to give a bipolar back drop, but actually lends a disciplined vain that is shared with each character, allowing them just enough humanity to be believeable.  Ex.: the person you would hate to meet in a dark alley, but is capable of compassion,20gentleness and an unconditional love that spans time itself.

Of all my in laws Naran became my friend and won his way into my heart as the big brother I never had.  We've always had a common connection in our personalities that allows us to better get along with each other than with anyone else.  We have a safe unspoken meeting ground that allows an understanding of inner and outer beliefs that would otherwise complicate a relationship.  Without realizing it, he sometimes becomes the crux of my heros that I eventually have to tone down, lambasting their cynical humor to behave themselves.

Dyanne: when were you first bitten by the writing bug?

Karen: Probably about tweleve years old when I wrote my first love letter.  It gave me the
opportunity to use my imagination while creating images of my feelings in ways I hadn't before.

Dyanne: At this point in the journey do you see your writing as a hobby or as a career you're aiming for. (there are no wrong answers here)

Karen:I see it as neither.  It's always been a part of me both as a hobby and a way to save my sanity.  Saving my sanity is a career in itself.  Sharing it with outsiders is still up for grabs.  I adapt my stories around my friends and family members and enjoy their reaction when they're able to identify with my characters.  The idea of actually publishing scares me, because of the inevitable rejection that comes with it.  I've had so much rejection in my life, I don't know if I could handle it on the regular basis that comes while dealing with total strangers.  Up until now, whenever I'm rejected for my accomplishment in life, I've learned to simply walk away without looking back, thinking it's their loss.

Dyanne: How many hours per day do you devote to your writing

Karen: Here lately, hardly any.  I think I have what is known as writer's cramp, but in this case I think it's a good thing.  I'm observing closely what's going on around me in preperation for future stories.  Before I would sometimes go six or seven hours a pop without a break if the story flowed.  Normally, I would try to keep it down to a max of two hours, then go back and edit in the days following.

Dyanne: Are you actively doing things to take you to the next level. Ex:  doing this interview, going to conferences, honing your skills, submitting your work, learning the industry?

Karen: I did for awhile, but got frustrated at all the leg work involved.  However I am now peaking in that direction again and have been lucky enough to hit pay dirt when discovering Dyanne, the first author who actually took the time to write back and say, "Welcome to my world.  Come on in and sit a spell.  There's a treasure of sights, sounds=2 0and aromas in here, I bet you didn't know existed, did you?"  Well, not those exact words, but she did give me the confidence that is lending me the exuberance needed to climb toward that next step.

Dyanne: I have the power to grant you one wish what do you wish for?

Karen: To help point me in the right direction of possibly getting published, if it's in the cards.  However, if it never happens to remain accessible to people like me who will be allowed to walk around in a make believe/ real world . . . which is called making wishes come true by simply being there.