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Interview With Gloria Mallette
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Gloria MalletteI recently had the privilege to interview Gloria Mallette, an author who has become a household name in a large segment of the population. She’s extremely gracious and remained unaffected by all the buzz.  She’s an extremely gifted writer, one I wanted to share.

To give you a little information about her, Gloria Mallett’s first romantic suspense, Shades of Jade was originally a self published book. Though the book took hits as being amateurish Ms. Mallette work quickly developed a grass roots following which catapulted the book to National acclaim. The book was later republished by Villard’s new African American Imprint, Strivers Row which brought it to a wider audience with a  seven city tour.

Ms Mallet’s sixth book, What’s Done In The Dark is receiving rave reviews.  What all agree is that no two books of Ms Mallette are alike in terms of style or plot, but there is always a common denominator.  Her books always have a moral purpose and are extremely emotional because they delve deeply into the human psyche.  Now for the interview.

1.   “Gloria, before we get to your latest book, What’s Done In The Dark, that’s receiving rave reviews, I’d like to ask you which of the books you’ve  written thus far is your favorite and why?

Gloria: My favorite book today and forever will be Weeping Willows Dance because this is my grandmother's story.  Writing this book also gave me the opportunity to get to know my mother who died when I was two and a half years old.  Weeping Willows Dance is forever in my soul.

2.   Would you give us a little peek at your process?

Gloria: Nothing special.  Writing for me is like a job and there fore demands discipline.  I start early. I use no notes so I sit with the blank screen in front of me and wait for the first sentence to form in my mind.  Once that sentence comes, the rest of the chapter writes itself.  I love writing.

3.  Do you find it hard to keep your life balanced between family, friends, writing and fans. And does the order I put this in reflect the importance in your life?

Gloria: Actually, as long as I am alone at home, I can get a lot of writing done, but once my son comes home from school and/or my husband is home, nothing ever gets written. Too many distractions. I can edit, however, with others around, but the creative process, for me, demands solitude.  Friends?  Since I started writing, it seems there is never enough time in the day for very much. So I notice that I do all of my visiting with friends by telephone.   Fans? Do I have any? Actually, readers of my books visit me online via email which I respond to right away. I rarely do book signings anymore since I moved out of New York City, so the time it took to travel from one city to the next is now mine to spend doing homework with my son who comes first in my life next to my husband.

4.  Despite the fact that you are immensely successful have you ever had the secret thought in your heart of hearts that you want to stop writing?

Gloria:  I don't know how "immensely" successful I am but never in a million years would I wish to stop writing.  If anything, in my heart of hearts, I wish that I could one day write that elusive "great American novel."  I think that's the secret wish of all writers.

5.  At this stage of your career are you better able to throw off the slings and arrows that all writers have hurled at them?

Gloria: Good question.  Just this past week I had to remind a reader who, apparently, does not like anything I've ever written, that I, as a single writer, cannot satisfy every reader out here. That what one reader raves about, another will hate. So this is one there are such an array of authors out here to write for the masses.  So while I know this, sometimes, those arrows hurt.

6.  If you could have one wish as a writer, what would it be?

Gloria: I guess my one wish would be to see the characters in one of my books come to life in a movie.  Don't all authors have this wish?

 7.  Your characters and their trials and tribulations are so real I was wondering how long do they live with you after you’ve written, The End?

Gloria: My characters are with me until I start on a new manuscript, and even then, I sometimes wonder if I should have written something more about them.  So I guess they are always with me in the recesses of my mind.

    8.  You are truly a gifted and inspired writer. Would you mind sharing with us the source of inspiration for each book as I know each book begins for a different reason and takes on a life of it’s own.

Gloria: Thank you for thinking that I am a gifted and inspired writer. I'm aspiring to be more inspired and more inspiring.  The source of inspiration for my books come from things I hear or see, be it on the news, in the newspapers, or just in conversation.  The seed is planted and once I start writing and after the first two chapters, the characters take over and the story becomes something I never envisioned.

9.  Now would you share something with us that you have never shared.

Gloria: Wow, what would that be? Oh, I don't know. Maybe that I love broccoli and eat it every day. Real boring.

10.  Reviews…Do you read them?

Gloria: Of course. I like to see what readers and critics think although their opinions don't influence what I write or how I write.

11.  Gloria, thank you so much for your patience. Please share with us the birth and delivery of,  What’s Done In The Dark.

Gloria: What's Done in the Dark came about after I heard about a woman who's husband died and while going through his personal effects discovered things about him that she had no clue about.  I thought how awful.  That his other life would come to light after his death.  So, my tale began.

12.    Do you find yourself having less time now to read for personal enjoyment?

Gloria: I don't know when I sat down and read anything for my personal enjoyment.  Too busy. Plus when I'm writing, my characters take over and let no other characters in

13.  Before you go is there anything else you would like to say to fans or aspiring writers?Gloria:

Gloria: To readers of my books, thank you for your vote of confidence in my work by continuing to read me.  To aspiring writers, go for it, and let no one discourage you from following your dreams.

14.   Where can your fans reach you?

Gloria: On line at http://www.gloriamallette.com/  or at gloriamallette@aol.com

Gloria http://www.gloriamallette.com/ What's Done in the Dark, 01/06
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