Dyanne Davis
Two Sides to Every Story

“You will meet a woman of fire and ice, a woman you will love always, one you cannot live
without. You will perish without having her love.”

Raphael laughed at the prediction but he remained seated out of courtesy. The old woman was
a friend of his family and his godmother, his madrina, but Raphael didn’t believe in fairy tales,
nor did he believe in el decir de fortunas—the telling of fortunes.

“I know you don’t believe me,” the old woman smiled. “It’s there
in your eyes.”

Raphael attempted to protest but she stopped him. “Is not necessaryfor you to believe. It will

Raphael continued smiling, feigning interest. He wasn’t looking for a woman. In fact, a woman
was the very last thing he either needed or wanted in his life. He was a Chicago cop; loving a
woman could get him killed. It was better for him to not have that burden. In fact, he thought the
department should make a rule: Cops are forbidden to ever fall in love. He thought the reasons
were obvious. Cops endangered the public and themselves when they did, not to mention the
person unfortunate enough to receive their love.

“Raphael, listen to me. Your mother has told me of your foolish wish to never fall in love. Love is
about to find you. Soon, Raphael, very soon.”

“Don’t I have any say in the matter?” he joked.


“No. Why not?”

“Because this woman is the other half of your soul.”

“How do you know I have a soul?” he asked quietly. He’d had one when he first joined the police
department, but he didn’t know if he still possessed it.